Bushveld Minerals Playlist


22 June 2017

The Bushveld Minerals playlist, from April 2016, with videos in order of the most recently published first. The comments beneath each video show some useful jumping in points, the time in is given [m:ss] and the speaker is shown in parentheses. If you subscribe to updates here you will can get a notification each time a new video is added.

Apr 7, 2017

[0:48] (John Meyer) ‘From what we can see this is an amazing deal’

[2:28] (John Meyer) ‘They’ve finished the due diligence process on the the Tin-Lithium asset in Namibia’

Dec 13, 2016

[2:15] (FM) ‘we’ve always said that our intention with Greenhills is to build a critical mass of Tin resource inventory which can support a standalone Tin platform’

Dec 1, 2016

[1:30] (FM) ‘The asset (Vametco) we’re acquiring is cash-generating and has a sound balance sheet’

[2:45] (FM) ‘we release our scoping study  in 2014 for the Mokopane tin project which showed very very good numbers – sub 10,000 dollars per tonne in terms of costs’

[4:24] (FM) ‘we’ve got the largest primary Vanadium resource base of everybody, in the world, with the acquisition of Vametco we become a low-cost producer immediately’

[8:52] (FM) ‘We’ve gone further to tighten that co-operation by signing an addendum which brings UET into that agreement that we have with the IDC – so we now have joint steering committee meetings’

Oct 28, 2016

[3:42] (FM) ‘Highveld mined at its Mapochs mine what is called the MML layer – that layer is the bulk of our resource on the Mokopane project … beneath that you have more disseminated magnetite zones which are actually interestingly grading much higher values of Vanadium, which we also have within the Mokopane project, as well as the Brits projects that we have’

[6:10] (FM) ‘for electrolyte manufacture, which we also have designs on manufacturing ourselves, in time’

[6:58] (FM) ‘this (Vametco) is what catapults Bushveld into a producer of Vanadium, its product is Nitrovan which is an alternative to FerroVanadium, used mainly in the steel industry, but again our intention there is continue to do that, because that is still the base of demand for Vanadium, but it’s a good asset for us to think about how we can also look into things like electrolyte manufacturing’

[8:33] (FM) ‘the asset (Vametco) is cash generating, it is not leveraged at all … it’s a circa 50 plus million dollar revenue generating asset’

Oct 11, 2016

[2:10] (Mikhail Nikomarov) ‘in large scale energy storage, right now it’s Lead-acid or Lithium ion – both of those are solid state technologies – some of the challenges there is they don’t last very long and the more you use them the quicker they degrade … and they’re great for power applications – the number of watts you want, they’re not great for energy applications – which is how many hours do you want of those watts.’

[2:50] (MN) ‘… so if you’re building a project – your solar power generation, your wind, that’s a 20-year asset – you want to partner that with a 20-year battery.’

[6:32] (FM) ‘the hurdles to the successful deployment of Vanadium flow batteries … have been the supply, concerns about the security of supply of vanadium, and also the cost input of Vanadium – Vanadium makes up as much as 35% on average of the cost of a Vanadium flow battery system.

Apr 25, 2016

[3:35] (FM) ‘Mikhail has been active in the energy space in Africa for a very long time – he is very au fait with the regulatory setup, he is very au fait with the technology space – we could not have got anybody better’

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