Shipping Logs – September and October 2017


5 November 2017

As we pass the end of October it is encouraging to find that deliveries to Baltimore continue to be reported, usually four days after a container ship delivers.  By the time the reports are filed the containers have cleared the Port and are usually returned empty on the same day, indicating that they do not have far to travel once unshipped.

The final figure for quantity delivered in September was 171,163Kgs in 9 containers, a little above the monthly average for this year.

October saw 10 containers delivered with a total of 192,962Kgs unloaded. This three month cycle of rising deliveries can be seen on the graph to be similar to the May-Jun-July cycle.

The overall monthly average now stands at over 159 Tonnes, with an estimated income of $6 Million subject to contract prices of course.

A point of interest regarding the shipping routes; some containers are loaded onto vessels at Durban, others at Cape Town. Occasionally a vessel will load at both ports.

The MSC-Primavera that delivered the last shipment to Baltimore

We continue to research other trade routes  in order to gain a clearer picture of overall output. The complete Nitrovan Shipping logs, including Bills of Loading can be found here.

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