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TBP Editorial Team

20 July 2017

The Bushveld Perspective is a completely independent online magazine devoted to the study of AIM-listed Bushveld Minerals (BMN). For many years the LSE bulletin board has been the de-facto forum for private investors to discuss the company – though other share investing forums exist the LSE one has the largest and most active population. The Bushveld Perspective provides a place for their research to be presented more permanently and more helpfully with graphs and illustrations.

This article is a quick-start navigation guide.

If you are looking for a general summary of the company then Bushveld Minerals 101 is a great place to start.

If you are the kind of person who likes to take their content in video form then the Bushveld Minerals Playlist will give you a smart start – here you can see Bushveld Minerals CEO Fortune Mojapelo and Bushveld Energy CEO Mikhail Nikomarov in action. Some don’t like to invest based upon personalities – justifiably feeling that a good salesman could charm anyone to invest in anything – however, you should watch the videos and then decide if these guys get anywhere near such a classification.

If you’re coming to BMN because of their Vanadium platform and their recent acquisition of the (previously Evraz’s) Vametco Vanadium mine and plant – then From Iron to Vametco is essential background reading. Vametco is only the latest instalment in the Bushveld Vanadium story – that all started with the Mokopane Vanadium Project – which is a Bushveld resource many times bigger than Vametco, and which is where the Vanadium platform first got started.

If you’re interested in Vanadium because of its use in steel strengthening then you’ll no doubt be interested in FerroVanadium Pricing – Past and Future as well as the Vanitec 2nd Energy Storage Meeting (Part 1 of 3) where historical Vanadium production is summarised and future trends for the steel market analysed.

If you’ve arrived here because of your interest in Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFBs) then you may already know how they work but if you don’t then try What is a Redox Flow Battery. If you want to delve a little deeper then VRFBS – the numbers will help. When you’ve had a chance to see the most recent Vanadium Pentoxide Pricing or the historical data in Vanitec 2nd Energy Storage Meeting (Part 1 of 3) you’ll be able to draw a conclusion as to how much the electrolyte in a VRFB will cost. Again for those who like their content in Youtube form we have a VRFB Technology Playlist to help demystify things.

The VRFB market is now starting to take shape and Vanitec, the Vanadium producers and users association, recently created an energy storage group to encourage commercial collaboration in this area. Their recent meeting in Manchester, as a satellite meeting of the 8th International Flow Battery Forum, was very well attended and has been summarised in a 3-part writeup starting with part 1 here. Part 2 covers issues with the classic electrolyte (BMN, who work with VRFB partner UniEnergy Technologies, have very privileged access to use the mixed acids electrolyte – which avoids all these problems) and a stimulating discussion on energy storage cost assessments and the possibility for VRFB electrolyte leasing. Part 3 concludes with a summary of discussions with Fortune from BMN and Vincent Algar from Australian Vanadium, and more research covering Vanadium Pentoxide’s use in window coatings and Lithium-ion (or Magnesium-ion) solid state batteries. Vanadium certainly has a surprising number of potential uses in energy optimisation and storage.

Bushveld Minerals is exploring VRFB opportunities through it’s subsidiary Bushveld Energy, chaired by Mikhail Nikomarov – you can find out more about this on our Bushveld Energy Playlist or via our All the Playlists index page.

Bushveld Minerals doesn’t exist solely for its Vanadium platform – it also has a number of significant Tin resources, including the long-established mine at Uis in Namibia, and a large thermal coal resource in Madagascar, currently being worked upon as part of an integrated power plant with Chinese power partners – here you can find a map of all the Bushveld Locations broken down by commodity type. There is great Potential Newsflow (June 2017) in all of these areas.



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