Trading Analysis – 13th Dec 2017


14 December 2017

After the previous day’s Tea-Time Tease (lifting the Bid from 7.50p straight to 8.25p to falsely represent Buys as Sells) – they reversed the Bid early on – which made the SP look like it was falling. Evidently nobody fell for this obvious ruse and following a very strong series of 50K buys one after another between 9:26 and 9:43 the price paid for Buys rose to 8.50p.

A series of trades around 8.25p, including one of 250K, soon after have consequently been classed as sells, forcing the nett trade position back to +150K (i.e. 150K more Buys than Sells). Continued buying during the rest of the day, including more 50K and 100K Buys (either PIs or possibly spreadbet shorts from 20-29th closing) led to a closing nett trade position of +305K.

As can be seen from the chart the Market Makers short position has now grown from 1.7M to over 2.0M.

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