16th Feb 2018


16 February 2018

Trading was quiet at the start, following the pattern of the previous day when it seemed that the MMs blocked anything from happening in the first hour. This was on the announcement that SA president Zuma had resigned and Cyril Ramaphosa would be taking over.

At 10:22 Aim_Chaos reported that he would be rebuilding his position in BMN and had already acquired 800K during the morning. The 550K trade at just after 8:30am evidently had not passed everyone by before this disclosure as 8.90p had already been paid twice before Aim_Chaos popped up on the LSE board.

Volume clearly picked up after this with an excess of more than 1.1M more Buys than Sells appearing before noon. Total volume was already 3.4M by this time, despite the SP appearing to have fallen from the unreasonably high 8.96p closing auction trade of the previous day.

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