Trading Analysis - 11th Dec 2018


11 December 2018

End of Day

After an initial walk down and attempt at around 9:15 to try a little tree shake very little of any great impact happened today. Volumes were relatively low with only 1.1M Buys vs 1.1M Sells.  

Why anyone is selling at the moment defeats me - when the fundamentals are looking so strong and it is becoming clear that Bushveld Energy is going to be set up to provide a significant chunk, if not all, of the Eskom 800MWh Battery Energy Storage System. This would comprise some 200 shipping container sized batteries and something like 4,000 Tonnes of Vanadium - yet even many on the LSE board seem to have missed this. It may be also that other AIM and Institutional buyers have not yet cottoned on to this prospect - but they will and the SP reaction will be very strong. Until then these unsustainably low prices give those in the know the opportunity to take even greater advantage of our early awareness - has it ever been any different with BMN ?

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