Trading Analysis - 15th Oct 2018


15 October 2018

End of Day

A very quiet day with only just over 1 Million shares traded. 

As a result there is not much to say, apart from to let the person know who undertook what appears to be the Bed & Breakfast trade at a quarter to four that next time they should contact their broker and ask for the trade to be done at the Bid and with a much tighter spread - just like the Bed & Breakfast pair 20 minutes earlier at 3:26pm. 

The end day nett trade situation ended at minus 66K - so minimal impact on the accumulated Market Makers nett short position of 2.2M:-

Market Makers appear to still be short of 2.2M shares. Possibly more if the unexplained SP rises on thursday and friday result in large late reported buys.

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