Trading Analysis - 16th Oct 2018


16 October 2018

End of Day

Just like the previous day - very little volume (less than 1.1M total shares traded). 46 Buys vs 18 Sells leading to a nett Market Mater trading position of a low + 48K shares at (48K more Buys than Sells) at the end of trading.

I've highlighted a number of strange trades that appear intermittently and are significantly outside of the real trading band - I shall call these 'out-of-range' trades. These are all relatively small trades and are in always in multiples of 100 shares (1,500; 4,700; 1,600). Interestingly the end day auction also yields a trade of size 1,500 shares. Similar out-of-range trades also occurred on the 11th and 10th of October - again they were in multiples of 100 shares. We shall continue to monitor these despite there being no obvious explanation for such unusual behaviour.

The balanced trading today and no delayed trades from previous days meant again that there was minimal impact on the accumulated Market Makers nett short position of 2.2M:-


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