Trading Analysis - 17th Jan 2019


17 January 2019

End of Day

In contrast to the relative calm of the previous 3 days today was a lot more exciting.

Strong buying before 9 am pushed the nett trading position positive, as usual, which drew out a 100K and then 150K Sell before 11AM. Just before noon things stepped up another gear - a 249K trade at 41.0p, just below the effective trading line, was first to be reported - at 11:54:09, but delayed by an hour. Only at the end of the day was an earlier trade (11:44AM) of 300K at 40.625p reported - this is clearly a Sell (yellow)- and the 249K, by dint of the lack of any impact on the nett trading position, now interpreted as a Buy (green).

So we now appear to have a 249K Buyer that has been let in at a remarkably low trade price, almost as if their nature was trying to be obscured. Surely the Market Makers can't continue to give away large blocks of shares at knockdown prices? Ah, but what do we have here ? - next up at 12:50 is another 300K trade, but this time significantly above the Ask price of 41.5p. And again, one hour further on, another big trade above the Ask - this time 100K at non-obvious price-point of 42.759p. 

Might it just be possible that all these trades are related, and that we now have a significant Buyer in our midst ? Time may tell. 

As usual we finish the day with an excess of approximately half a million more Buys than Sells. 

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