Trading Analysis - 20th March 2019


20 March 2019

Following the removal of an unhelpful element yesterday and despite a number of LSE outages we bravely struggle on.

Wednesday, 20th Mar 2019

Yet again we see a large excess of sells before 9am:- 

Yet again they contain multiple 30K Sells within seconds of one another. Yet again the SP is reduced significantly in the first hour of trading. 

This is market manipulation, pure and simple, undertaken by those who evidently feel that they are untouchable.

The only immediate response that can be taken against this is to take advantage of such fiscal foolishness and continue buying those shares which are being handed out at knockdown prices. I have done so for the last 3 days and will do so again tomorrow.

Anyone shorting now is playing a very risky game of chicken and they are doing it against the clock - as we know that there is scheduled news due before the end of this month.... Hang on, now where have I heard that before ? 

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