Trading Analysis - 21st Jan 2019


21 January 2019

End of Day

Almost instantaneous walkdown - in line with the previous day's behaviour. A couple of mid sized (50K-100K) Buys before 9AM helped lift the nett trade position to around +300K, where it stayed until about 1PM.

At this point a serious of mid and large (>100K) sized Buys appeared, raising the trading position further still to >+600K. Eventually the prices paid for Buys ticked up past 41.5p as MM's concluded that they may be able to get better prices for selling to PI's. A large Buy of 119,357 at 41.8p appeared to trigger a 250K Sell at 41.65p but these shares, plus another 100K from a Sell at 41.50p were quickly snapped up by another large Buy - this time of 251,623 at 41.50p just 10 minutes before the close of trading.

Yet again the nett trade position finishes positive by 500K-700K - this time the surplus of Buys tipping the scales at +663K. PI Buys are consistently outnumbering PI Sells.

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