Trading Analysis - 24th Jan 2019


25 January 2019

End of Day

Static Bid and Ask for the first couple of hours though the price that you would have to pay for a Buy varies by quite a lot. Although not by quite as much as the extreme outlier at 39.5p (50 shares at 8:50:17) might have you try and believe.

Trading continued relatively quietly until 3pm, albeit despite there being double the number of Buys and double the number of shares Bought as sold. A large buy of 100K Shares at 3:04pm (highlighted in green) was all that the MMs needed to try and spike the price higher - eventually reaching 39.7p. The generosity of an organised seller/shorter who arrived at 3:51pm appeared to know no bounds as they sold 50K, 50K, 150K, 50K, 100K in a frenzy just before the close of trading, effectively leaving the days trading position close to neutral.

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