Trading Analysis - 25th Jan 2019


25 January 2019

End of Day

A similar kind of pattern to previous days - many more individual Buy trades (118) than Sells (40) with a general excess of Buys intermittently being accommodated by 50K or 100K Sells. On tuesday, and yesterday afternoon these had come as organised groupings suggestive of short selling manipulation. Today there is not quite the same level of organisation amongst the significant (>50K) Sells.

There is only a single large Sell in the morning session - a 100K trade at the 9AM Auction which yielded a brief drop in Bid and Ask. Buyers got what they could at low prices and then had to make do with being spiked up to 38.8p. A little patience would have seen an extra percent or so on the profit as 38.50p was on offer for an extended period. Had a buyer had the patience of a saint then they too may have held on until a 400K Sell arrived, behind the scenes, just after 2pm and 37.85p appeared available. Don't kick yourself too hard if you didn't manage to get this, as it appears less than 35K were available at this price. Just Another Tree Shake.

Another little burst of buying and the day finished with another large Buy (156,196 at 38.25p) just before the close. Total Buys for the day 1.291M versus Sells of 1.139M - an excess of just over 150,000 more shares bought than were sold by PIs.

The post friday trading RNS threatened much but delivered nothing but a TR1 to confirm the previously known fact (had you been watching the BMN shareholder page on the 23rd Jan) that Golden Summit had increased their shareholding from around 54.7M to 65M.

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