Trading Analysis - 25th Sept 2018


25 September 2018


Strong buying as usual first thing - followed by a retrace though this was not as strong as the one yesterday when I believe the last of the Atlas warrants block was pre-sold. Persistent buying after 8:30 led the nett trading position to grow to 1M more Buys than Sells by 10:15 at which point the Bid and Ask where both moved up. There was some resultant selling at this point but not enough I think to explain the subsequent drop. I think it quite possible that more of the Wogen warrants have been taken around 10:25 - look out for a delayed trade of 250K or 500K around this time, to be duplicated later in the day.


An interesting set of trades between 12:05 and 12:07 (200K,250K,250K,200K all seemingly buys) has suddenly lifted the nett trading position to 1M more Buys than Sells during the day. The curious thing of course is that this had zero effect on the Bid or Ask so we might expect to see a correspond Sell appearing later in the day. 

An additonal 1M trade appeared at 16:11 for the previous day - again we wait to see if this turns out to be a duplicate, in which case we may hypothesize a further 1M chunk taken out of the remaining Wogen warrants.

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