Trading Analysis - 31st Oct 2018


31 October 2018


A surprisingly deep spike and walk down following a very early 100K sell. Once the nett trading position goes positive the SP recovers quite quickly - only brought to a stop by a series of largish sells at around 31.1p.

End of Day

The end of day trading position looks very different to that shown at around 1pm - look at the large block of excessing buying just after 10am - this does not appear in the top chart - why ?

Simple deception really - the 10:09:13 trade was reported (delayed by 1 hour) as a 100K trade at 31.0p - a buy. Half an hour after this report the trade was reversed with a -100K at 31.0p. Only after trading had finished for the day was this trade revealed as really being 500K in size and at 31.2p in price - a buy at a significant premium to the Buy price at the time.

Had this trade been reported correctly at the time it would have no doubt sparked a significant amount of buying. 

Nevertheless the excess of buying continued through the day, yielding multiple step ups despite clear attempts to spike the Buy price up and then walk it down - at 10:45am , 2:45pm and 4:05pm, as well as the very obvious attempt at the opening of trading.

Anyone thinking about purchasing tomorrow morning might be better off waiting the first hour out if these types of games are being played.

No resolution on the additional trades that would be necessary to explain the 15M trade of yesterday morning - there MUST be additional trades that correspond with this - a Market Maker does not have 15M shares to sell sitting around, and would not be so foolish as to give themselves a 15M short position and then watch the SP go up. Equally they are not going to take a 15M share sell without SOME knowledge of a significant buyer ready to take all or most of these shares off their hands immediately. We can wait.

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