Trading Analysis - 9th Oct 2018


9 October 2018


A quiet day before 1:30pm , despite a very positive interview by Fortune and Mikhail published mid-morning and clearly recorded whilst they are in London for today's Vanitec meeting and London Metals Week. The low volume means that the two 100K sells before noon are able to significantly impact the MM nett trading position, knocking it back to -300K. 

Just after a quarter-to-two there was a sudden drop, which although it coincides with another 100K sell, was I think unrelated to it - the size of that trade is not sufficient to really warrant the sudden drop in SP of 0.75p - I think therefore that that there is another, larger Sell yet to be revealed. The buying response following this drop was however much stronger and quicker than in previous days - returning the nett trading position positive within a quarter of an hour.

A 500K Buy from yesterday was also reported today - bringing yesterdays trading back very close to neutrality.

End of Day

The strong buying after the dip before 2pm continued for the rest of the day, driving the SP up to finish higher on the day. Despite a very late reported 300K sell at around a quarter past four the nett trading position finished with 650,000 shares more shares bought than sold. There is still no obvious reason as to why the SP fell just before 2pm - but given the late reporting of many sells it is not inconceivable that there is a significant Sell yet to be reported at this point. The volume is still only a relatively small 3.3M - about a fifth of what it was 10 days previously.

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