Shareholder Verification

Greater access for genuine shareholders.

All too often unverified posters on share forums claim that they have a shareholding but then proceed to post nothing but negative comments about the company.

Not unreasonably those observing this behaviour may doubt the original shareholding claim - made as it is in the full knowledge that none of the traditional forums allow this claim to be verified.


We believe that posters on our share discussion forums are entitled to know if they are interacting with genuine shareholders or not.
We have therefore introduced a (completely optional) mechanism for shareholders to verify their status.

Verification Status

This is indicated wherever a posters name is listed.

Their karma level and badges (gold/silver/bronze) for popular and highly rated contributions are also shown.

Shareholder Only Forums 

Verified Shareholders also get access to shareholder only forums

Shareholder Only Trading Analysis

The detailed trading analysis that we undertake often relies upon disclosures from Private Investors to unpick the patterns that underly the daily share trading. Some PIs are, not unreasonably, unwilling to disclose these on public forums.

The information that we recover from this - identifying patterns of short trading and the nett trading positions of Market Makers is of great value to Investors, but also to those who may be shorting the stock or trading against the interests of long term investors. 

The most in-depth trading analysis is only available to Verified Shareholders.