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BMN - Video / 2018

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BigBiteNow Tue 21:05

That is a very good interview indeed because it demonstrates several very important things.

1. That the BE figures are coming soon. As I posted just a few days ago, before BMN embarks upon the EPC for the electrolyte plant the company needs to release the feasibility study and the business plan. What this interview says is BMN are very much aware of this and they wish to demonstrate just how much value BE can add.

When we then add in the heavily hinted at VFRB mandates then that’s more fuel on the fire. Very exciting.

2. The Chinese are still heavily involved in Lemur and leading the BFS as planned. That means the possibility of a major investment (as stated by the company) or indeed a buyout still looms very large. Great.

3. The Brits drilling is complete and a resource statement is coming. I am going to pluck for sooner rather than later.

4. Vametco is ticking along nicely and so is the expansion, so expect close out as planned by end of June.

And all at a time when V prices are pushing north of $66 per kg.


just to add to BBN's post ...

Lemur "... on the way to unlocking value ... allows significant options as to how we monetize that for our shareholders while focusing on our flagship Vanadium platform.."
interesting turn of phrase .. options ?

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